The Cape Girardeau Public Library accepts donations of books, CDs, audio cassettes, VHS videos, DVDs and magazines that are in good condition. Gift materials will be added only if they meet the same standards required of purchased materials. Items not meeting those standards, those that are out-of-date, un-needed duplicates of items already owned, or those in a format unsuitable for library use, may be given to other organizations, sold at the Friends Foundation's Book Sales, exchanged,or recycled. Proceeds from Friends sales are used to purchase needed items. Donations may be brought to the User Services or Information desk.

We DO NOT accept:

  • books that are mildewed or moldy
  • newspapers or catalogs
  • textbooks,
  • outdated encyclopedias
Many people ask about receipts for tax purposes. The library will issue a receipt for the number of items donated, but cannot assign a monetary value to donations.