Internet User Agreement

Registration and User Agreement


  1. I have read the policies concerning the use of the Cape Girardeau Public Library’s Internet computers and agree to abide by them.
  2. I agree to pay any repair or replacement costs of equipment or software damaged by myself or my minors for whom I am responsible.
  3. I understand that the library is not responsible for any damage to personal disks due to system malfunction, or any other reason.
  4. I understand the copyright laws restrict duplication of copyrighted software, and I will follow all the copyright laws.
  5. I understand that if I fail to abide by the Internet computer policies, I will lose eligibility for use of the Library’s Internet computers.
  6. I understand that information I may give or take through the Internet is not necessarily secure.
  7. I understand that the Internet is not safe or secure, particularly for minors, when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of electronic communications.  _____(Initial)
  8. I understand that it is unlawful to disclose, use and disseminate personal identification information regarding minors without proper authorization. ______(Initial)


Signature: _________________________________  Date: _________________


Name (print clearly): ________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________________________________



For patrons 7th grade – age 17:


As the parent or guardian of ____________________________________________

I give permission for my child to use the Internet terminals at the Cape Girardeau Public Library, with the understanding that I am responsible for monitoring his/her appropriate use of the Internet computers and that I am financially responsible for any damage that may occur.


Parent’s Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________