Friends Foundation Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement
Adopted 8/17/2010

The mission of the Friends of the Cape Girardeau Public Library Foundation is to assist the Cape Girardeau Public Library by supporting its mission of promoting information gathering experiences through social interaction, programming, technology, and the written word. The Friends will develop and encourage community involvement through fundraising, outreach, and volunteer services.


Adopted 8/17/2010

The Friends have four objectives:

  • To raise funds to support and enhance library services.
  • To act as trustee for the receipt, management, investment, disbursement and/or disposal of monies, goods or other effects received by the Friends by way of gift or otherwise for the general or specific use or benefit of the Cape Girardeau Public Library.
  • To raise the public awareness of the library’s activities and services by uplifting those services in order for the community to appreciate the value of the library and its contributions so it will be the community’s first choice for social interaction and information gathering.
  • To provide volunteer services within the library for public and staff support.