Are You a Bibliomaniac?

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March 20th is deemed Bibliomania Day, a fun celebration day for book lovers! 

What is bibliomania? Many people confuse bibliomania with bibliophilia, which is simply a love for books. Bibliomania is also a love for books, but to the extreme; it is the tendency to collect and hoard books. This day became celebrated due to Stephen Blumberg, the “Book Bandit.” It memorializes his expedition of hoarding books.

According to Book Riot, Stephen Blumberg traveled across the country and even to parts of Canada collecting books. Now, his means of collecting books was not strictly legal. He would enter universities, libraries, and museums during the day, saying he was someone else and stealing the books! He collected over 24,000 books this way, storing them all in his attic in Ottumwa, Iowa. This escapade continued for twenty years, ending with Blumberg’s arrest on March 20th, 1990.

Stephen Blumberg had a bad case of bibliomania, to the point of stealing them for his collection. Because it was such an extravagant heist, we commemorate this day and all of the books he collected!

Most of all, this day is about celebrating books, so here are a few ways to celebrate:

  • Collect as many books as possible throughout the day...not by stealing them, but by buying some from your local bookstore or checking them out from the library!
  • Give books to a friend! Instead of helping add to your collection, you can help someone else add to theirs.
  • Read books about the subject. There are plenty of books about bibliomania; below are a few from our collection.


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