Display of Library Materials and Promotional Information Policy

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To support the discovery of Cape Girardeau Public Library’s resources, services, and/or events, individual library items and promotional materials are displayed in designated locations in the building. Library staff prepares displays of library materials and promotional information for the purpose of:

  1. Highlighting newly acquired items; 
  2. Informing patrons of the variety of subjects, genres, and formats available in the library collection; 
  3. Fostering engagement with, or providing information about, the library’s resources, services, and events. 

The Library offers resources that present a wide variety of views and opinions on current and historical issues. The inclusion of an item in the collection or a display does not represent an endorsement of its contents by the Library. 

In addition, the Library may draw upon other community resources in developing displays and may partner with other community agencies, organizations, educational institutions, or individuals to develop and present co-sponsored displays. 

Each display shall only include material classified for one age group: children, teens/young adults, or adults. Only materials classified for children are to be displayed in the children’s area and only materials classified for teens/young adults are to be displayed in the teens/young adult area of the library. Age recommendations for the Library’s collection can be found in the Materials Selection Policy. 

All promotional materials for Library-sponsored events, both physical and digital, will state age recommendations to assist patrons in deciding whether a program will be of interest to them. 

In the event a patron has questions or concerns regarding a Library display or the Library’s age recommendations for Library-sponsored events, the patron may submit a Request for Reconsideration form. This process is detailed in the Request for Reconsideration Policy.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees June 6, 2023.

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