Valentine's Day at CGPL

Happy Valentine's Day! Most people think of today as a day of romance, but there are many other things to love and we want to celebrate them! This year, we asked our youngest patrons to tell us what they love, and we got a wide variety of answers. 


Start Exploring Black History This Month

February can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, from their first birthday in four years to some time with their sweetheart, but one of the most important things we should all try to celebrate is Black History Month. The man in the picture there is Edward C.

Award-Winning Board Games

Were you aware that one of the many things the country of Germany is known for is board games? One of the reasons for this is that the most prestigious award in board games, the Academy Award of board game design, is awarded every year in Nürnberg.

Let's Take a Shelfie!

We are back again folks with Library Shelfie Day! This fun little holiday takes place on the fourth Wednesday in January every year and celebrates books and their readers! So take some time to show off those shelves and tell us what your favorite books are.

Peculiar People Day

Everyone has someone they know that’s a little odd, a little silly. They might be a friend, or a family member, or even a neighbor that everyone thinks of fondly for their quirky behavior.

This New Year, Make Some Bookish Resolutions

This year, we challenge you to read intentionally. Not sure how to go about that? We've rounded up suggestions for reading resolutions that will help you make 2024 a year for the books. These tips can be applicable to you or any children in your life.

A Statement from the Cape Girardeau Public Library

The mission of the Cape Girardeau Public Library is to be the community’s first choice for information-gathering, experiences through social interaction, programming, technology, and the written word for all ages.

Find Your Perfect Hot Chocolate + Book Pairing!

Do you like hot chocolate? Do you also like reading books? Have you ever wondered which type of hot chocolate you might be? Take our quiz and find out not only which chocolatey drink you are but also what books you might like to try reading while you sip it.

Let Our Cats Recommend Some Purr-fect Reads!

Each December, cat lovers around the world pay homage to a librarian's best friend for National Cat Lovers' Month. One of the most comforting activities during the winter months is cozying up under a blanket with a book to read and a cat to warm you.

Dewey Know How to Find a Book?

December 10th is known as Dewey Decimal Day in honor of Melvil Dewey, the creator of the Dewey Decimal library classification system. We celebrate him--and the system that he created--on his birthday (Happy 172nd Birthday, Mr.

National Book Awards Week

Established in 1936, National Book Awards Week is held annually from November 7th to November 15th (with the 15th being the day they announce the winners).